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Meaning of Tara mantra

Tara_gruenOm Tare Tu Tare Ture Swaha

Om: ah = essence of awakened body; o ( naro)= essence of awakened speech; m= essence of awakened mind

Tare: quickly with boldness
Tuttare: clearing away all fear, distress and suffering of all beings Ture: complete victory of truth over all negativity
Swaha/svaha: all accomplishments

White Tara’s Long Life Mantra:

Om Tare Tuttare Ture Mama Ahyu Punye Jnana Puktrim Kuru Swa Ha

Mama: “me”
Ayu: “life”
Punye: “merit”
Jnana: “Wisdom” Puktrim Kuru: “Increase”

Meaning of Tara’s seed syllable: TAM

Symbolic meaning of the seed syllable TAM is birthlessness, that phenomena are unborn (skye med, Tib). This refers to the unborn nature of all the Taras and to the simplicity & unconditioned quality of the dharmakaya. Because the deity is unborn, she is beyond all conditions. To use the words of Gampopa, it is said that nirvana is in essence empty, and is unestablished or non-existent. In its manifestation or appearance it is blissful. Samsara is in essence empty, and unestablished or non-existent, and in its appearance or manifestation is of the nature of suffering and confusion. From the ultimate point of view they are the same in that they are both empty and unestablished. From a relative viewpoint, however, they are different in that samsara is suffering resulting from ignorance, and nirvana is happiness resulting from the absence of ignorance. This ultimate, unborn, and empty nature of samsara and nirvana is what is meant by the syllable TAM.

Quote from Bardor Tulku Rinpoche, The Practice of Green Tara.

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