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How to proceed on the path


Well, recently I got an hint, people have no idea what to practice since they got so many empowerments. Now just to give some ideas about the path for the confused ones. And please accept my apologize, I have no bias to other schools or traditions, but I focus here on the Dudjom tradition. You find in other Vajrayana lineages similar practices.

There are some options how to categorize the path in proper portions and to have a plan and perhaps a schedule too.

First you can focus on the traditional path in the Nyingma lineage, starting with the many 100.000 accumulations of the foundational practice (Ngondro), then Phowa. It’s right after the Khandro Nyingthig Ngondro in Dudjom Lingpa’s collection and a quite useful practice, since all of us pass away. I guess you don’t know what’s first – next birth or breakfast. After establishing a proper founation people should practice the three roots – Guru, Deva, Dakini. Regarding this we have an abundance in the Dudjom Tersar, like the Rigdzin Dupa Dechen Namrol or some wrathful forms as Guru Dragpo or the Lama Wangdrag Dorje Drolo. Furthermore there’s a fourfold approach by Dudjom Rinpoche’s cycle of the Lake-born Vajra (Tsokye Thugthig). You can do also the practice on Guru Rinpoche in Dudjom Lingpa’s Maha-Ati cycle.

In the Dudjom Tersar you find many Yidam practices like Vajrakilaya Namchag Putri or Phurba Putri Regphung, or you focus on Manjushri and his wrathful manifestation as Yamataka. If you prefer the Amitabha, there’s the extremly wrathful Hayagriva (Tamdrin Yangthro) or in a peaceful form the Thugje Chenpo (Avalokiteshvara). Or you can do the Lama Zhitro – the 100 peaceful & wrathful deities in the Lama, or the Vajrapani or the Chemchog Heruka or the all inclusive Yidam practice of the Kagye mandala.

For accomplishing the Dakini you’ll find in the Dudjom Tersar the famous Thröma Nagmo, the Karma Dakini Simhamukha and the Khandro Thugthig. Furthermore there are some other practices on the Dakini as the Vajra Yogini, Vajra Varahi or the Green Tara.

After accomplishing the three roots it’s helpful to practice the fierceful fire (chandali) – the well-known gTummo – and some other Dzogrim practices. This stuff is mainly in the Namchag Putri and the Khandro Thugthig.

Then you can request the Khorde Rushen. It’s a kind of „Dzogchen Ngondro“ and you’ll find it in Dudjom Lingpa’s Vajra-Heart-Tantra (Nelug Rangjung). After that request teachings on Trekcho and Thogal. You’ll find proper stuff in the Namchag Putri cycle, the Khandro Thugthig, but also some teachings as the Vajra-Heart-Tantra, the Sharp-Vajra-Tantra or the Nangjang.

Well, that’s just one idea of a schedule and how to proceed on the path to Buddhahood. If this is too complicate for you, then you focus on just one cycle of teachings. In the Dudjom Tersar are at least three complete cycles, which contain all the stuff mentioned above. It’s the Vajrakilaya Namchag Putri, the Khandro Thugthig and the Thröma Nagmo.

And if this is also too much and to confusing for you, do the Ngondro. It’s all in what needed! Since the foundations of the Vajrayana is devotion to the Guru, the Ngondro is not just a preliminary practice like preschool to the senior high. The Ngondro is all what people need. It contains the complete path. If you accomplish the fruit of the Ngondro, there’s nothing more to do or nothing more above the four Buddhakayas. It doesn’t matter which practice you do and accomplish, finally you’ll accomplish liberation, which means you actualise the four kayas. There’s nothing beyond.

So, every day is a good day to practice. Contemplate the four thoughts, take refuge, arouse the supreme attitude towards enlightenment, complete the two accummulations, purify the karmic obscurations and pray form the depth of your heart to the Guru. Therefore, Padmajungne-la gong su söl!


  1. Dear sir Madam we have completed preliminary practice of Throma and for next level whom and where to go plz suggest.

    • Well, depending on your residence look for a qualified lama and request the teachings on yidam practice and how to practice in retreat.

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