Verfasst von: Enrico Kosmus | 1. Juni 2016

Throma Nagmo

ThromaThroma Nagmo (Krodha Kali) inseparable form the Lama is the preliminary practice, called Ngondro. She’s the Nirmanakaya, the Dharmakaya is Kuntuzangmo (Samantabhadri) and the Sambhogakaya is Dorje Phagmo (Vajra Varahi). The practice of Throma Nagmo is famous in all Tibetan Buddhist traditions, since she’s connected with Chod.
Dudjom Lingpa’s Thröma cycle contains the complete path to liberation, starting with the preliminary practice, continues with the Phowa – the tranferance of consciousness at the time of death, leads to the Yidam practice in the extensive form – called „Garland of Moonlight“ (Dawa’i Ö-threng), middle length – called „Sun of Primordial Wisdom“ (Yeshe Nyima) – and the very concise one – called „Vajra-Essenz“ (Dorje’i Nyingpo). The Yidam’s extensive and middle length practice includes lineage prayers, Guru Yoga as well as Tshog and is connected to the four enlightenend activities which Ngakpa’s full range of yogic practice emcompasse various practices such as Chod, Changbu offerings, exorcism and Vajra armour, water offerings to the yellow Throma, to the Black Dzambhala, to the Nagas, offering Serkyem – the golden liqour – and Torma – the ceremonial cake to the Dharmapalas, making rain, guiding the death, practice on cemetery inviting the vultures, various smoke offerings – sang, sur, nöl, drib – and finally the Me-chod – the fire puja – for purifying the defilements during a retreat. Additionally you’ll find some longivity practices there too. Furthermore the cycle contains Dzogchen’s pinnacle – the Thogal.
During the full empowerment – called the „Lapislazuli garland“ combined with the „Rain Clouds of Dharmata“ – you should attentively receive the various insignias of the deity and for the Ngakpa practice, since you get all magic stuff there. Moreover, you can receive the so-called „hair empowerment“ for the Ngakpas separately.


  1. pic is not nagmo. nagmo is black. i have a nagmo picture if you like.

    • don’t worry about, sometimes she’s black, sometimes she’s dark blue… 🙂

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