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A Bountiful Cow – Commentary on the Two Phases

bountifulCowThe text presented here in Tibetan with English translation is the Bountiful Cow of Accomplishments and provides directives for the two phases of the Khandro Thugthig. It covers the entirety of the Vajrayana path, from the generation phase, through the completion phase to the Great Completeness.
The Khandro Thugthig is an important cycle of teachings and practices revealed by Dudjom Rinpoche (1904-1987) as a spiritual treasure. Among the three roots of tantric practice, it specially relates to the sky-farer. The directives translated here are most closely associated with Yeshe Tsogyal, the Tibetan princess who became the consort of the great master Padmasambhava and assisted him when in the eighth century he introduced tantric Buddhism to Tibet. But Yeshe Tsogyal is more than a historical figure, for she is a wisdom sky-farer who inspires yogins to realize the ultimate nature of mind.
The instructions translated here are both rare and profound. Those sincerely interested in these teachings and who wish to put them into practice may rejoice that such profound keys have been made available to them. For those having a karmic connection with this tradition and this lineage, texts such as these can be a catalyst for spiritual liberation.

Four Yogas

The structure of the present text can be divided into four yogas, which relates to the four empowerments. The yoga of shape pertains to the vase empowerment and the practice of the generation stage. By means of this the practitioner generates the presence of the deity Yeshe Tsogyal and transforms his ordinary perception into a pure vision, additionally he sees his environment as the mandala palace.
The second yoga is the yoga of mantra and this represents the completion stage and pertains to the secret empowerment. The practice here is to control the outer and inner winds. By this one is able to attain longevity.The yoga of bliss it the third one and represents the completion stage with characteristics and pertains to the wisdom empowerment. The main practice related to this empowerment ist the practice of the inner heat (gtummo) along with the five auxillary practices – illusory body, dream yoga, clear light, bardo and phowa – as well as the consort practice. By this the practictioner gains a direct experience of the mind’s luminosity.
The final yoga is the yoga of wisdom. This yoga corresponds to the precious word empowerment and the completion stage without characteristics. On this level the practitioner encounter the true nature of mind by the means of Trekchod (khregs chod; cutting through the solidity) and Thogal (thod rgal; direct crossing).


Even thought this text is intended for those who have received the transmission from a qualified master and the publication of these topics is quite uncommon, the intention was to preserve these precious teachings. Because if nobody studies and practices this topcis, the teachings vanish. Furthermore there are some fancy ideas on this practices due to rumors and conjectures. To prevent such weird ideas, this book is a proper source on so-called secret vajrayana practices. So if you hold this book in your hands and study this topics, value the male and female yogis of tibet, who practiced this topics and attained fully enlightenment.

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