Verfasst von: Enrico Kosmus | 30. Juli 2014

Why did magic matter in Buddhist tantra?

Buddhist meditation brings spaciousness; but Sutrayana sees that that as the end point. Many meditators are frustrated by inability to integrate the openness and insight they find on the cushion with “real life.”
Tantra is unique in combining spaciousness and passion. When those are brought together—when skillful manipulation of energy unites with open-ended wonder—life becomes magical play. When you extend that play to include others, for their enjoyment and enhancement, you embody tantric nobility.


  1. Buddhist tantra? I seriously don’t there is such a thing, Buddha never taught any of that..perverted Bön cult corrupting the teachings of the Buddha

    • wrong! buddha taught some pratices e.g. in lankavatara sutra to reverse bhut, pret etc. also buddha taught the vajrayana…

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