Verfasst von: Enrico Kosmus | 23. Februar 2014

Vajrakila-Gutor 2014

vajrakila tormaperparationpreparation tormapreparation tormapreparation tormapreparation torma
preparation tormapreparation tormapreparation tormapreparation tormakila torma (not finished)kila torma (not finished)
shrine with vajrakilaya tormashrinedogpa tormashrineshrineshrine

Vajrakila-Gutor 2014, ein Album auf Flickr.

At the end of the water-snake we‘re removing hindrances and obstacles by the practices of Vajrakilaya-Gutor.
The practice of the meditation deity Vajrakilaya provides an unsurpassed method to remove obstacles on the path to enlightenment. Blazing forth in the glorious manifestation of a wrathful male deity, Vajrakilaya embodies the enlightened activity of all the buddhas. Through Vajrakilaya, Guru Padmasambhava gained mastery over the four kinds of meditative accomplishment (siddhis): longevity, enlightened activities, the revelation of hidden treasures, and the sublime accomplishment of mahamudra.

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