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Cutting through the ego…

thromaIn chod, the principal meditational deity is Yeshay Tsogyal or Throma Nakmo, the Black Dakini as the female wisdom energy is involved in this practice. In some texts, the dakini is red or black, or at first red and then black; sometimes she holds the curved blade in her right hand; sometimes the damaru in her right hand and a thigh bone in her left; sometimes she is holding acurved blade in her right hand and a skull in her left. As a dakini, she is the expression of divine wisdom; when she appears in red she is more peaceful and [when] she appears in black, more wrathful. However the wrathfulness is the intensity of her compassion and isn’t anger. She is the mother or source of all buddhas called Prajnaparamita, or Transcendental Wisdom.
The central practice of this Throma Nagmo is to cut away the false concept of ego by offering one’s own body to the divine and the demons. This practice can help one to reduce one’s karmic debt, thus eliminating innumerable obstacles in worldly life. It would also improve one’s state of mind by generating the understanding of emptiness, thus developing that profound wisdom.
Dudjom Lingpa in an effort to clarify the distinction between Tara and Throma, posted the following from notes on a teaching by Ven. Yeshe Dorje Rinpoche, in preparation for the empowerment for Throma Ngondro by Dudjom Lingpa: hTroma is inseparable from the lama as Dharmakaya: Kuntuzangmo (Prajnaparamita), Samboghakaya: Dorje Palmo (Vajravarahi), Nirmanakaya: Throma (Vajra Khrodikali). The essence of Throma Nagmo is Yeshe Tsogyal. Throma Nagmo means black wrathful lady, she shows the powerful nature of Yeshe Tsogyal and Khandro Thugthig, the heart essence of the dakini. In a description by Chagdud Tulku, Throma, the Black Vajra Mother is the true heart essence of Guru Padmasambhava. It is also the method of many of the great siddhas from the forefathers Sarahapa until it was revealed by the very noble siddha and terton, Dudjom Lingpa, who is the previous incarnation of H.H. Dudjom Rinpoche. Chod by definition is „to cut through. The essence of chod is the prajnaparamita: the pervasive permanent unalterable absolute nature of emptiness. Emptiness is not nothingness, it is the full resplendent quality of subtle appearance and is called unstoppable clarity: the inner capacity of the nature of emptiness.It arises as the display of the five Dhyana Buddhas‘ consorts. Emptiness is inseparable from its resplendent capacity for manifesting beneficial appearances, the Five Wrathful mothers, Throma, also known as Vajra Khrodikali.

On 13th sept. 2013 Lopon Ogyan Tanzin Rinpoche will give the empowerment in Throma Nagmo and related text transmissions. >read more at Ngakpa-Retreat 2013

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