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This excellent article was originally published in the September 1997 edition of Shambhala Sun Magazine.


Dzongsar Jamyang Khyentse calls on Westerners to acknowledge the distortions we may bring to the study of Buddhism—through our cultural arrogance, the deceit of ego, and simple ignorance. The successful transplant of such a subtle and challenging practice as Buddhism, he says, depends on thorough study and clear recognition of our habitual patterns

Transplanting anything from a foreign culture is a difficult process which may corrupt what is being imported. Buddhism is certainly no exception; in fact, among imported foreign goods, dharma is perhaps the most prone to corruption.

Initially, to understand dharma even on an intellectual level is not at all simple. Then once we have some understanding, to put dharma into practice is even more subtle, because it requires that we go beyond our habitual patterns. Intellectually, we may recognize how our…

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  1. liebe Rangdrol, vielen dank für den Beitrag! 🙂

    • liebe jewgeniya, vielen dank auch für deine übersetzungen! es freut mich sehr, dass der dharma sich verbreitet!

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