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The Prayer to the Three Great Stupas of Nepal

by Dudjom Rinpoche, Jikdrel Yeshe Dorje


At the summit of Ox Horn Mountain in Nepal, a place of intense accomplishment,

The blessings and relics of the past Victorious Ones manifested:

To the amazing Self-Arisen Stupa

Renowned as Swayambunath [P’akpa Shingkün], I pray.


When Shakyamuni was the prince Heartfelt Courage,

He gave his own body to a hungry tigress;

At that site, the relics of great enlightened conduct manifested:

To the Stupa of Great Enlightenment, I pray.


Jadzima’s four builder sons maintained their karmic connection,

And in accordance with their altruistic aspiration, embraced the disciples of the Snowy Land;

To the Stupa Which Liberates Upon Sight known as Jarungkhashor,

Which completely fulfills all wishes, I pray.


Through the merit of prostrating, offering, and circumambulating with devotion

The Three Great Stupas which are meaningful for all those connected to…

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