Verfasst von: Enrico Kosmus | 7. Oktober 2012

The three-fold space

On the subject of instructions for The Three-Fold Space, the outer space is the empty sphere of the horizon. The inner space is seen when you take meditation posture, rest and gaze into the outer space as if penetrating it with your eyes: the inner space is clear resting without thought, within the mind’s nature. Although this is awareness (rikpa) oriented toward the basis, since at this time it does not transcend the fundamental consciousness, this is not resting within actual awareness. Within the inner space, [awareness] is polluted by mental clinging and by attachment to meditative experience.
It is unnecessary for all environments and beings that appear within the outer space – this torma with its plate, this mouse home – to disappear. What is necessary is to destroy mental clinging or reference points in relation to space, etc.
The secret space is awakening of awareness‘ knowledge aspect within non-discursiveness. To rest within the self­ arising, great pervasive luminous expanse of awareness, free from the enclosure of attachment to meditative experience, actualizes the secret space.
It is said that, in general, from the time one is an ordinary individual, to gaze with one’s water-bubble eyes and to rest in meditation on the outer space can naturally lead to the inner and secret spaces. Therefore it is said,

When meditating, don’t meditate on anything at all:
It’s enough for your eyes to look at space.

It is said that „When meditating“ refers to the outer and inner spaces. „Don’t meditate on anything at all“ refers to the secret space at the point one doesn’t meditate.
These are the unmistaken oral instructions from Trak­ tung Dudjom Lingpa, written as a commentary based on my lama [Gyurme Ngedon Wangpo’s] oral lineage, by Jigdral Yeshe Dorje.


  1. Great stuff…do post more in English!

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