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The Root Verses of the Three Principle Aspects of the Path

(lam gyi gtso bo rnam gsum gyi rtsa ba bzhugs so)

by Lama Je Tsongkhapa



The heart-meaning of all the sublime speech of the Victorious One,
The path praised by the holy Bodhisattva Heirs,
The stepping-stone for those fortunate ones who wish for liberation:
It is this that, according to my ability, I shall explain.

You who does not crave for the happiness of conditioned existence,
Who endeavors to make these freedoms and endowments meaningful,
Who has confidence in the path which delights the Victorious One:
O fortunate one, listen with a lucid mind.

Not having completely pure renunciation, striving for the goal of
The fruits of happiness in the ocean of conditioned existence, there is no way for peace.
Since, through longing for conditioned existence, all those with bodies
Are bound…

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  1. …..der Weg ist das Ziel, Frieden ist der Weg…..

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