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The Benefits of Circumbulations


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The Benefits of Circumambulations


Concerning the benefits of circumambulating the supports for worship and stūpas which are representations of the Sugata’s enlightened body, speech, and mind, in the Verses of Circumambulating Stūpas, it says:


     What are the benefits of circumambulating

     The stūpas of the Protector of the Universe?

     As for that, with mere words

     It cannot be demonstrated well, even over the period of a whole day.


     The praiseworthiness of any person who circumambulates

     The stūpas of the Protector of the Universe,

     Even if it were expressed for a million eons,

     Could not be exhausted.


     Through circumambulating stūpas,

     The eight non-freedoms are abandoned.

     Through circumambulating stūpas,

     One will be endowed with mindfulness and imbued with intelligence,

     Have good complexion and…

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