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Song of Realization by Dudjom Lingpa

AH – The whole of samsara and nirvana is groundless and rootless.
The Vajra Queen is great space.
The great emptiness of space is the Great Mother.
All phenomena are apparitions
Of reality-itself and the sole nature.
Everything is born from the unborn.
The emergence of arising apparitions ceases.
Causes and conditions are extinguished right where they are.
Thus, the Teacher and the Teaching, the path and its fruits,
In reality-itself are devoid of signs and words.
The many avenues of method and wisdom
Appear as the great, natural event and natural arising.
The space of no-object and great openness
Is limpid, clear, and free of contamination.
All displays of the buddha-field, Teacher, and retinue
Are nonexistent, but from nonexistence they appear as existent.
That we praise with great wonder!

by Dudjom Lingpa


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  2. … schade dass, man beim Lesen des Textes den Rythmus nicht spüren kann…

  3. ………………….. schließe mich Frau Weber Daniela an, dankeschön, wirklich sehr interessant und schön deine Blogs ……………

  4. Daniela Weber

    Lieber Enrico!

    Vielen Dank für Deine Arbeit, die Du OHNE finanzielle Verdienst für uns machst, uns hilft!
    Danke! Daniela wünscht Dir und den Lesern einen wunderschönen im Herzen warmen Tag!


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